Jul 11 New video: "Fly Me To The Moon" is a propaganda/disinformation piece
Jul 02 Articles published on AULIS:
  The Surveyor 3 Mystery
  Smoke & Mirrors, Icebergs and Gas Giants
Jun 09 It has been announced that Bill Anders, the Apollo 8 LM Pilot without a LM, died at the age of 90 in a plane crash. The cause is yet to be determined.

For the longest time, Apollos 8 and 9 seemed to be the only complete crews left. But no one lives forever. Now Apollo 8 is survived only by Jim Lovell. Anders often claimed to be the astronaut who photographed the famous Earthrise photo. Condolences are offered to his family and friends.

RIP Bill Anders.

The Nine News Network mistakenly showed a photo of the Apollo 9 crew.
Mar 19 Thomas Stafford, Pilot of Gemini 6A, Command Pilot of Gemini 9A, Apollo 10, Apollo-Soyuz, and former Commanding General at Area 51, has died. He was the last surviving crew member of his first three space missions, his final mission is now survived only by CM Pilot Vance Brand.

RIP Thomas Stafford.
Mar 10
Odysseus 52 yrs later and still tilting at the Moon
Jarrah was interviewed by Down South Anomalies.
Dec 22 In unrelated news: Jarrah's debut novel, Trojan SMERSH, has been accepted for publication by Aurora House.

Trojan SMERSH is an alternative history spy thriller concerning the deadly insurrection of January 6, 2021, and the USAF manned military space missions that never were. This novel dares to ask: what if there was something far more sinister afoot than what actually transpired that day in Washington DC?

After an attempt is made on his life, rogue ASIS agent and former US Space Force astronaut Sid Tanner finds himself on the frontlines of a conspiracy involving the Trump administration and the Russian death squad SMERSH (SMERt’ SHpiónam, meaning Death to Spies!). Considered a traitor to his country of Australia and its allies in the Coalition of the so-called Willing, he is #1 on the CIA and SMERSH’s respective hit lists because he knows too much on both sides. But now in life’s ironies, Tanner finds he is the only one who can save the Coalition who wronged him from a greater common enemy. As a modern-day Ned Kelly in his trusty suit of armour, Sid Tanner must infiltrate the Capitol riot and hunt down the agents of SMERSH before his past comes back to assassinate him. Such is life!

Watch the trailer
Nov 12 In the one week since Ken Mattingly's passing, Frank Borman of Apollo 8 has also died. Prior to Apollo, he set a two-week record for spaceflight endurance with Jim Lovell on Gemini 7. Condolences are offered to his family and friends.
Nov 06 It has been announced that Apollo 16 Command Module pilot Ken Mattingly has died aged 87. Mattingly later commanded two early Space Shuttle missions: STS-4, the last two-man shuttle flight of which Mattingly was the last surviving crew member; and STS-51-C, the coldest launch prior to Challenger which ultimately became a precursor to the disaster. The Apollo 16 crew is now survived only by Charles Duke; and the STS-51-C crew survived by Loren Shriver, James Buchi, and Gary Payton.

RIP Ken Mattingly.
Sep 28 Jarrah White will be debating the Apollo moon landings with Space Shuttle astronaut Mike Mullane on October 11 4pm PST (October 12 10am AEST).

The show will be hosted by Danielle Roosa, the granddaughter of Apollo 14 astronaut Stuart Roosa. Be sure to tune in!
Jul 05 New video: Unboxing the original C-rock photograph
Jul 04 Article published on AULIS: The "C" on the rock confirmed – again!  A newly-discovered earliest-known photo refutes Steve Troy’s claim that the "C" stems from a hair on an LPI print.
Apr 03 New video: Artemis 2: Future Fatality? Hoax? Or NASA's next unfulfilled hype train?
Jan 07 Article published on AULIS: Did Dr. James Van Allen change his mind or was it changed for him?
Jan 04
2023 is already off to a bad start with the death of Walter Cunningham. He served as backup Pilot to Roger Chaffee on Apollo 1 and flew as LM Pilot for Apollo 7. NASA kept his title even though there was no LM flown on his mission. Cunningham was the last surviving crew member of Apollo 7 and one of the last surviving to have never claimed to have flown to the Moon. He would have been 91 next March.

RIP Walter Cunningham.
Dec 12 New video: Ralph René tribute: Thirty years since NASA Mooned America!
Oct 17 It has been announced that Jim McDivitt, the Command Pilot of Gemini 4 and Apollo 9 has died at the age of 93. Unlike most other Apollo astronauts, he never claimed to have flown to the Moon. His Apollo 9 was one of the last missions with a completely surviving crew. The mission is now survived by David Scott and Rusty Schweickart. Deepest sympathies to McDivitt's family and friends.

RIP Jim McDivitt.
Sep 14 New video: MOON LANDING HOAX CONFESSION (mirror of Bart Sibrel's video)   Original is here.
Jun 03 Article published on AULIS: 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 16 Major Solar Flare
Apr 14 Article published on AULIS: India releases Chandrayaan-2 image files of Apollo sites: Further photo analysis
Jan 27 New video: The Challenger Crew Are NOT Still Alive: The Complete Trilogy
Jan 01
Article published on AULIS: Trajectory of Apollo 11 through the Van Allen belts
By Xavier Pascal and contributed to by Jarrah and Aulis publishers.
Dec 11   Uploaded an old documentary featuring Ralph René:
  Where Is America: 'Oh say can you "C" the Moon?'
    Part 1  and  Part 2
Nov 25 Uploaded some clips (taken from an older video) that deal with flat earth debunking:
  The Van Allen radiation belts ONLY work on a Globe
  Flat Earth fails Thermodynamics and Orbital Mechanics
  The Space Travel Denial Paradox
Oct 17 Jarrah has an article published on The Big Lie regarding slow-motion TV technology in 1969. It addresses claims that technology required to simulate 1/6th gravity wasn't available.
Sep 21 Jarrah has an article published on Did Chandrayaan-2 confirm the ‘findings’ of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter?. The object photographed resembles an unmanned Surveyor lander.
Sep 17 Jarrah White returns to the Australian comedy series Fat Pizza as a board member of the Illuminati.

For those wanting to see the full episode, it can be viewed on 7mate's website.
Sep 07 Jarrah has an article published on The Propagandapede: Spreader of Big Lies and Suppressor of Apollo Investigations. It addresses a claim by Adam Conover and others that parallel shadows on a fake Moon scene would require using millions of lasers.
Apr 29 It has been announced that Apollo 11 CM Pilot Michael Collins has met the same fate as Jack Swigirt and died of cancer at the age of 90. Collins had written in his Carrying The Fire autobiography that if he ever got a cataract, he'd try to blame it on Gemini 10. One can only wonder if he tried to blame his cancer on Apollo 11. Following the death of Neil Armstrong in 2012, the Apollo 11 crew is now survived only by Buzz Aldrin

RIP Michael Collins.
Feb 15 New video: Apologies to Joe Kittinger
Jan 31
New video: The Challenger crew are NOT still alive III
Dec 31 New video: MoonFaker: Chang'e 5, The Upstaging of the Artemis Pipe Dream
Jul 20 It has been announced that Grant Imahara has died at the young age of 49. Imahara was a member of the Build Team on the Discovery Channel series Mythbusters and participated in their episode responding to the Apollo Moon hoax. Imahara focused on recreating the waving flag in a vacuum chamber, to which the narrator concluded: "Unless somebody finds a video of the flag flapping, without an astronaut operating the flag pole, it's myth busted".

Jarrah White met Imahara during a SupaNova pop culture expo in Sydney 2014 and showed him video of the Apollo 15 flag waving as Dave Scott ran past it. Jarrah had this to say on Imahara's passing:
"I never thought when I showed Grant Imahara the Apollo 15 flag that he only had six years left to live. This video was recorded June 13th 2014, exactly six years and a month to his death. He certainly still seemed very youthful. Just goes to show no one's indestructible, life can be snuffed away from you at any moment. Live each day like it's your last.
RIP Grant Imahara"
Jul 20 New video: Apollo Zero - Deleted Opening
Mar 20 In sad news, Al Worden died in his sleep on March 18 2020. Worden was the Command Module pilot of Apollo 15. The crew of Apollo 15 is now survived only by David Scott. We offer our condolences to the friends and family of Al Worden.
Feb 02
New video: The Challenger crew are NOT still alive II
Dec 10 New video: Flat Earth Debunked: Albino Galuppini is INSANE
Nov 26 Jarrah White has a cameo in the latest episode of the Australian comedy series Fat Pizza.

For those wanting to see the full episode, it can be viewed on 7mate's website.
Nov 13 New video: MoonFaker: How Flat Earth Liars Mooned The Private Space Industry
Oct 23 New video: MoonFaker: How The Flat Earth Nonsense Hijacked Bill Kaysing's Legacy

I invite all viewers to join me in taking a stand against the Flat Earth nonsense and sign my petition demanding that Galuppini step down as webmaster of the Bill Kaysing Tribute Website:
Oct 21 New video: MoonFaker: Beware the Flat Earth Psyop
Oct 13 It has been announced that Alexei Leonov, the last surviving crew member of the Voskhod program and Soviet commander of the Apollo Soyuz Test Project, has died aged 85. His flight aboard ASTP was ultimately the beginning of collaboration between nations in space exploration that continues to this day.
Jul 21 New video: Do NOT buy NASA Mooned America from Amazon
If you wish to purchase a copy of "NASA Mooned America!" by Ralph René, DO NOT BUY IT FROM AMAZON.

Amazon's CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform have illegally republished an outdated edition of NASA Mooned America from 1994 without my permission in writing.

I am the sole copyright holder to NASA Mooned America and Amazon has infringed on my copyright by printing this outdated copy. If you wish to purchase the official and current edition of NASA Mooned America, please purchase it from
Jul 11 New video: Jarrah White is now an Astrophysicist
Jarrah White has completed his Minor in Astrophysics as of July 11th 2019 - the 50th anniversary of when NASA faked the Apollo 11 moonwalk according to the title card on the 16mm reels.
Jun 03 New video: Albino Galuppini is a traitor to Bill Kaysing. Flat Earth liar caught deleting evidence!
I never thought I'd say this in a video but here goes: AVOID THE BILL KAYSING TRIBUTE SITE LIKE THE PLAGUE. The webmaster of this website, Albino Galuppini, is a liar and a fraud and a traitor. In recent years, he betrayed Bill Kaysing and his family by jumping ship to the Flat Earth loony bin. It's bad enough that Galuppini has completely destroyed his credibility. But he has sunk to a new low by twisting Kaysing's words into something to support Flat Earth nonsense. Among other things, he has falsely alleged that Kaysing denied rockets could travel fast enough to get into space and claimed that Kaysing thought Surveyor 5 was a hoax. These lies can be found on both his blog and his disingenuous "autobiography" of Bill Kaysing. In fact, the only review of this book that Galuppini posts on his website is by a fellow Flat Earth liar who posts under the username "Flat Earth, Banjo, USA, Japan and Brazil". How can I confidently say that he's a liar? Simple! As will be shown in this video, he deletes evidence he can't refute. Such as my comments in which I called Galuppini out on his bullshit.

Bill Kaysing's daughter Wendy, David Percy and myself have all tried to reason Galuppini. But all our words of wisdom fall on deaf ears. He either ignores our refutation, changes the subject in the hope some other nonsense will stick, or preemptively dismisses our spherical Earth evidence as "Fake News" intended to discredit the Flat Earth. Out of respect for Bill Kaysing we have all severed our ties to Galuppini, denied him permission to use our content, and my next MoonFaker will be a detailed exposé of Galuppini's betrayal. I encourage all who follow my word to take a stand against this traitor and boycott his disingenuous website.
Apr 13 New video: Celebrating Beresheet, Falcon Heavy and Thirteen Years of JW Studios.
Mar 18 New video: Jeranism proves the Earth is a Sphere and the ISS is Real
Feb 28 New video: Reckless Kelly pwns Flat Earthers and Space Travel Deniers
Jan 28 New video: The Challenger crew are NOT still alive
Jan 02
New video: MoonFaker: More Extremophiles to the Moon
Dec 10 New video: Ralph René: Ten Years On & New Edition of NASA Mooned America coming soon to Aulis.
Dec 09 In belated news, it has been announced that Betty Grissom, the widow of astronaut Virgil Gus Grissom, died last month at the age of 91.

Mrs Grissom famously sued NASA contractor North American Aviation for wrongful death of her husband. The case was ultimately settled for $350,000US, about 2.2 million in modern currency. The widows of Edward White and Roger Chaffee were also compensated by NAA as a result of Mrs Grissom's lawsuit. Later in 1986, she encouraged the widows of the Challenger crew to take legal action against Morton Thiokol, the contractor who built the shuttle's solid rocket boosters that had malfunctioned.

She is survived by her two sons, Mark and Scott, the latter of whom found independent evidence that his father's death was an act of murder by sabotage; two grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. My condolences go out to her family and friends. I hope at the very least, we can all take solace in knowing that Gus and Betty are finally reunited.

RIP Betty Grissom.
Aug 29 New video: What did Elon Musk mean by "You can tell it's real because it looks so fake?"
May 27 It has been announced that Alan Bean, the last surviving crew member of Apollo 12, has died at the age of 86.

While Jarrah White does not believe Apollo 12 was real, Bean's second and last spaceflight as the command pilot for SkyLab 3 paved the way for much more elaborate space station missions that followed. Such as the International Space Station we know today. His services towards living in space and legacy are as timeless as his paintings. He will be missed.
Apr 01 New video: 24hr live feed of Earth addendum. Clouds, Rotation and Satellites. Flat Earth debunked again.
Mar 07 New video: DMCA attacks by SME over music in SpaceX videos - Account termination imminent

A lot of my recent SpaceX videos have been targeted by the SME because of the David Bowie track that was featured in the SpaceX live stream. You'd think that the fact the footage was public domain would have negated this. Don't be surprised if my account is temporarily terminated in the next few days. I already have DMCA counternotifications pending. I honestly doubt that these DMCAs were even filed by a human being.

In the meantime, please subscribe to my secondary YouTube account
Feb 16 New video: SpaceX: Australia seen from Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster
Feb 16 New video: SpaceX MIRROR: Falcon Heavy Test Flight (both versions)
Feb 12 New video: SpaceX: More Falcon Heavy proof. Edited live stream recording does not prove hoax.
Feb 12 New video: SpaceX & YouTube: The Falcon Heavy live stream has been edited (NOT FAKED)
Feb 07 New video: SpaceX: More Falcon Heavy landing proof. Flat Earth debunked again.
Feb 06 New video: SpaceX: Live Video of Earth as seen from Elon Musk's Tesla roaster. Flat Earth debunked again.
Here's a mirror of the live feed in case the original goes missing.
Jan 29 Jarrah has an article published on Adam Ruins His Credibility
This is a text version of the earlier video with additional points and references.
Jan 27 New video: Fallen Astronauts Tribute: D'yer Wanna be a Spaceman?
Jan 08
It has been announced that John Young has died at the age of 87 following complications with pneumonia. John Young was the only astronaut to have served in three of NASA's first four space programs: Gemini, Apollo and the Space Shuttle, including the first manned Gemini and the very first Shuttle space mission. With his death nearly exactly one year after the death of Eugene Cernan, the Apollo 10 crew is survived only by Thomas Stafford.

Jarrah White gives his condolences to Young's family and friends.
Dec 14 New video: Jarrah White: I am a Geologist
Dec 11 New video: MoonFaker: Adam Ruins His Credibility
Nov 30 New video: No 24hr live feed of full Earth? ITS BEEN DONE!!! Flat Earth debunked again
Oct 24 New video: Flat Earth Idiocy: The Wrong Mitchell
Oct 16 New video: Do You Believe In Jeranism's Lies about Apollo-Soyuz Test Project?
Oct 04 Refurbished video: MoonFaker: Silent Space
Sep 27 New video: Australian Space Agency announced & revised SpaceX Mars mission to be announced.
Aug 31 Metapedia deletes Moon Hoax article

It has come to my attention that Metapedia has deleted their detailed Moon Hoax article [1] and now only describes the landings as being real (also here) [2,3]. No reason was given for the deletion.

Oddly, some of the main contributors [4] to that page had their accounts deleted after complaining that the Metapedia administration wants to deliberately destroy Metapedia (see here and here [5,6]). Make of that what you will.

Fortunately, a copy of the page was saved. While I cannot agree with everything posted in it and feel that it has its share of errors, for history’s sake it can be viewed here for anyone interested:
                      Metapedia Moon Hoax - saved

Archive links: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Aug 14 New video: No Camera on the Moon filming the Earth? IT'S BEEN DONE!!! Jeranism debunked again.
May 10 New video: Jarrah White proves Jeranism is a LIAR: Addendum. Dimitar Dimitrov debunked.
May 02 New video: Clear Daylight Falcon 9 Landing: Space Travel Deniers Debunked Again
Apr 19 New video: Demonstrating the Curvature of the Earth with Celestia
Apr 17 New video: Jarrah White proves Jeranism is a LIAR: SpaceX is FakeX Landing Challenge DEBUNKED YET AGAIN!
Apr 14 New video: Jarrah White debunks Jeranism AGAIN: SpaceX is FakeX Landing Challenge DEBUNKED AGAIN
Apr 12 New video: SpaceX: How the Falcon 9 survived Reentry
Apr 12 New video: Jarrah White vs Jeranism: SpaceX is FakeX Landing Challenge DEBUNKED
Mar 13 MoonFaker: Radiation Reloaded has been pulled due to a false DMCA strike. Counternotification is pending.  Update Apr 4: video restored.
Mar 08 New video: SpaceX: Manned Dragon to the Moon by 2018?
Feb 28 It seems two people have paid SpaceX for a circumlunar flight around the Moon. The mission is planned for late 2018 and will comprise of a Dragon V2 and Falcon Heavy. This is extremely worrying. The exact specs for the Dragon V2 could not be found, but its predecessor was rated to “200 mils Aluminium equivalent thickness” or some 2.5g/cm2 of aluminum – a shield that would only attenuate protons with energies up to about 3MeV.

If the Dragon V2 shield rating is the same as that of the Dragon V1 and the mission uses a trajectory similar to what has been attributed to Apollo 11, the the tourists aboard will certainly receive a proton dose substantially greater than 100rad. The result would be the most catastrophic tragedy imaginable – three or potentially seven people lost to space radiation.

The gigantic rocket proposed for the Interplanetary Transport System probably won’t be built in time for a 2018 launch and even if it were would need at least three or five years of testing, never mind man-rating. The only option for a safe mission would be to launch with an outward trajectory with an inclination >60 degrees North or South, and to time the mission to coincide with the Full Moon. Such a trajectory would take the astronauts through what Van Allen called the “radiation free zone over the poles”. And when it is Full, the Moon passes through the tail of the Earth’s magnetic field and is sheltered from solar flares.

The method described above is the only way tourists will survive a flight to the Moon aboard the Dragon V2 without the shelter module.
Feb 01 New video: How my Grandmother's Birthday proved the Earth is NOT Flat.
Jan 27 New video: “Beyond the Terra” Fallen Astronaut Tribute.
Jan 19 New video: Eugene Cernan: “I Didn't Go To The Moon... not to come Home”.
Jan 18
It has been announced that Eugene Cernan - Gemini 9A Pilot, Apollo 10 Command Module Pilot and card trick champion, and Apollo 17 Command Pilot - has died in hospital at the age of 82 following health complications.

While Jarrah White does not believe the Apollo 10 and 17 Moon missions were real, he has always admired Cernan for his role and near-death experience aboard Gemini 9A. While Cernan himself always believed Gemini 9 was a failure, it proved that spacewalking is not a walk in the park and that gravity should not be taken for granted. While Edward White's spacewalk was simply to get out and get back in, Cernan's spacewalk required complex tasks. These included assembling a rocket pack, putting it on, and taking it for a fly.

But without handrails or gravity holding him down, Cernan found it extraordinarily difficult to assemble a rocket pack in space, sweating profusely and nearly passing out in space as a result of it. Even when the EVA was aborted, Cernan had difficulty finding his way back to the Gemini leading to fears that Thomas Stafford would need cut Cernan's umbilical line or to reentry the atmosphere with an open Gemini 9 door and dragging Cernan's dead body in toe. Fortunately, Cernan made it back to the capsule and the near-death experience contributed towards NASA rethinking how they train astronauts for spacewalks and what is required. This led to training astronauts in underwater tanks and hand rails outside spacecrafts. This was all because of Cernan's near-death experience aboard Gemini 9. He took a hit for all mankind so those following in his footsteps wouldn't also have to suffer.

Jarrah never met Eugene Cernan face to face, but he did watch him from afar when Cernan visited Sydney Australia last year for the premiere of his Last Man on the Moon documentary. Only a few pre-selected questions (mostly from children) were asked, and no video recording of the event was permitted, although Jarrah managed to record some audio. During the Q&A session of event, Cernan twice made the odd statement “I didn’t go to the Moon .... not to come home.” (said with a pause in-between - hear clips).

Jarrah offers condolences to the family and friends of Eugene Cernan, the hero of Gemini 9A.

RIP Eugene Cernan.
Dec 18 New video: MoonFaker: Radiation Reloaded.

The AP-8 and AE-8 models have for decades been considered the industry standard models proton and electron fluxes in the Van Allen radiation belts. However, due to the difficulty in trying to measure high energy particles, predictions made by the AX8 are often underestimated when compared to actual observations. Meaning that these models cannot be used to determine what radiation dose will be received unless the appropriate Correction factors are applied.

Using the coordinates that have been attributed to Apollo 11, the correction factor of 3, the Radiation Weight Factor (Q) range for protons, and taking into consideration the attenuating abilities of the Command Module shielding and human body, Jarrah White estimates that the Apollo 11 astronauts should have received a dose between ~40rad to ~100rad from 8-400MeV protons. With the estimates from secondary neutrons also considered, the dose is between 52rad and 130rad.

Readers who wish to verify Jarrah's calculations are offered these PDFs containing them, as well as this link to the AP-8 model from which the raw uncorrected proton flux values were obtained. Simply copy and paste the L and B/B0 coordinates into the AP-8 to obtain the flux, follow Jarrah's calculations and remember to use the Q-factor and Correction factor.
Dec 09 John Glenn, the last surviving member of Mercury Seven, has died. At 95 years old, he left behind a great legacy. He became the first American to orbit the Earth and survived a close brush with death as his heat shield was loose and kept in place by the retro rockets strap. His survival also meant Operation Dirty Trick - the CIA plan to blame his mission failure on Cuba for war - did not come to fruition. At 77 years old, he became the oldest man to fly in space when he served as Payload Mission specialist on Shuttle flight STS-95. Glenn died surrounded by family in the Ohio State University Waxner Medical Center in Columbus after more than a week of hospitalization. His cause of death has not yet been announced.

Jarrah White's condolences go out to the friends and family of John Glenn.
Dec 02 It has been reported that Buzz Aldrin has been hospitalized in New Zealand after a trip to the South Pole and is currently in a stable condition. Jarrah White wishes him a speedy recovery.
Oct 28 Updated video: SpaceX: Man on Mars for only $500,000? The Interplanetary Transport System will KILL YOU!!!.  (original version from Oct 24th was replaced)
Oct 26 Updated video: SpaceX: Man on Mars for only $500,000? The Interplanetary Transport System will KILL YOU!!!.  (original version from Oct 24th was replaced)
Sep 18 New video: SpaceX: Man on Mars for only $500,000 - Interplanetary Transport System to be unveiled.
Apr 05 New video: MoonFaker: Disk Recorders & High Speed Video Cameras.
Mar 25 In more sad news, it has been announced that Bob Ebeling has died at the age of 89. Ebeling was an engineer at Morton Thiokol, the company that built the solid rocket boosters on the Space Shuttle. Together with fellow engineers such as Roger Boisjoly (who died four years ago) and Arnold Thompson, he tried to save the crew of Challenger by warning NASA that it was too cold to launch and that the launch should be aborted, but their warnings were ignored.

Jarrah White did not know Ebeling, but Roger Boisjoly mentioned him a few times in his interview with Jarrah and how they were all treated by Thiokol management after speaking up during the investigation:

"I lost my job. Bob Ebeling had to retire because he couldn’t stand it any longer. Brian Russell - who was a young engineer only said about one or two sentences – didn’t as far as I’m concerned, didn’t receive any damages. Arnie stayed because he had a wife and some kids that worked there, and so they put up with a lot of crap. Those of us who testified, even Bob Ebeling and Brian Russell who only said a sentence or two, were lumped with Al McDonald, and I and Arnie. We started to refer to ourselves by the end of May [1986] as The Five Lepers because no one wanted anything to do with us, talk with us, or acknowledge our existence, because they were so pissed that we had testified and exposed the truth about what really happened. And their friends and relatives were gonna lose their jobs eventually as a result of our testifying."

Jarrah offers his sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Bob Ebeling.
Feb 06
In sad news, it has been announced that Edgar Mitchell, the last surviving crew member of the Apollo 14 mission, has died at the age of 85. Jarrah White offers his deepest condolences to his family and friends.
Dec 29 New video: Fly Jarrah To The Moon Status Report #26.
Dec 21 New video: SpaceX: Man on Mars for only $500,000 - The Falcon 9 has Landed!.
Dec 10 New videos: SpaceX: Man on Mars for only $500,000 - Propulsive Landings Accomplished
and  Jarrah White's response to Flat Earthers and Space Travel Deniers.
Jul 20 Updates to FAQ page: discussing framerates, Chang’e 3, VLT-I, ferric iron.
Jun 13 More videos available on the videos page: episodes 13,18,27,30,32.
May 23 New video: Impending DMCA attack by Dr. David Livingston.
Apr 23 New video: Bill Kaysing: Ten Years On.
Apr 12 New video: Fly Jarrah To The Moon Status Report #25.
Feb 16 New video: SpaceX: Man On Mars for only $500,000 - Falcon XX Heavy CONFIRMED!!!.
Jan 28 New video: DMCA by Sony Music Entertainment.
Jan 28 New video: Fly Jarrah To The Moon Status Report #24.
Jan 18
New video: Fly Jarrah To The Moon Status Report #23.
Dec 26 Added interviews from Reynolds Reveal to the interviews page.
Dec 10 New video: NVIDIA Moons Their Customers... Again!.
Nov 06 New video: Antares explosion, SpaceSpaceTwo crash, and future of private space exploration.
Oct 25 New video: Average energy of Van Allen belt electrons.
Oct 16 New video: NVIDIA Moons Their Customers.
Oct 02 New video: RE: GAME24: Debunking Lunar Landing Conspiracies with Maxwell and VXGI.
Sep 25 Robert Braeunig has attempted to downplay James Van Allen’s original dire warnings about the radiation belts being deadly within a short period of time.

Scans of both articles by Van Allen are provided below so that readers can evaluate the science for themselves. Particularly, the conclusion at the end of the first article:

Our measurements show that the maximum radiation level as of 1958 is equivalent to between 10 and 100 roentgens per hour, depending on the still undetermined proportion of protons to electrons. Since a human being exposed for two days to even 10 roentgens would have only an even chance of survival, the radiation belts obviously present an obstacle to space flight. Unless some practical way can be found to shield space travelers against the effects of radiation, manned space rockets can best take off through the radiation-free zone over the poles.

This hardly seems to be arguing that short term radiation belt exposure is safe. Especially when coupled with his later declaration that “effective shielding is quite beyond engineering feasibility in the near future”, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would think Van Allen’s articles only discuss long-term radiation exposure and not short-term radiation exposure.

Braeunig also neglects to tell his readers that Jarrah’s reference for 10-100 MeV electrons in the outer Van Allen belt was a NASA site that specifically covers the MAARBLE (Monitoring, Analyzing and Assessing Radiation Belt Loss and Energization) project. Instead keeping it conveniently anonymous and calling it a “dubious source” that “shouldn’t be trusted”.

What an intellectual coward.

      Van Allen’s articles:

      Scientific American: PDF
            or images:  page 12345678910.
      Space World: PDF
            or images:  page 1234.

See youtube  announcement.
Jul 25 New (revised) video: MoonFaker: Radioactive Anomaly III.
Jun 13 New video: Jarrah shows Grant Imahara Apollo 15 flag.
Jun 13 More videos available on the videos page: episodes 19,57,78,79,80.
May 30 Better Eight Than Never  DMCAed.   Response video here.
Mar 08 New video: Apollo VIII: Better Eight Than Never.
Mar 20 More videos available on the videos page: episodes 8,16,25,43,82,87.
Mar 08 New video: MoonFaker: Chang'e 3, Clementine & Apollo.
Mar 07 Latest video DMCAed. Claim was over image at 3:23 - "Two Shuttles on a field".
Image is owned by NASA as seen here.   Watch the embed instead.
Feb 28 New video: Moonfaker: Chinese Roadtrip.  China’s Chang'e 3 lunar rover Yutu shows soil to be vastly different from the Apollo samples!
Feb 23 New  Videos Page.  Videos are now embedded and can be viewed here in full-screen.  Contains descriptions and links to youtube originals and playlists.  Also has download links for mirroring.
Feb 07 whitejarrah back up.  Also more videos available on the videos page:
episodes 1,2,3,6,7,9,10,11,15,88, and Gem 1.
Feb 04 thejarrahwhite back up.  Latest video DMCAed, and transferred here (<-- update: took that down as a precaution, see the mirror instead).
Feb 02 New video: DMCA attack on Jarrah White update.  A download for mirror is here.
Feb 01 thejarrahwhite DMCAed again, again by McConnell and on this video, which contains none of his content.  A "mirror" version is available here.
Jan 31 Channel thejarrahwhite back up.
Jan 27 New video: The Last Say On Challenger teaser trailer.
Jan 26 In memory of the 47th anniversary of the Apollo 1 fire, Jarrah's full documentary covering the events is available  here.
Jan 25 Channel whitejarrah DMCAed again!
Jan 21 Youtube channel whitejarrah has now been reinstated (thejarrahwhite still down). In the event that DMCA abuse continues, two new accounts have been created:

For MoonFakers please subscribe to:     MoonFaker4Ever
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Jan 18
Jarrah's Youtube channels (whitejarrah, thejarrahwhite) have recently been terminated due to DMCA takedowns. Counternotifications have been filed and it is expected both accounts will be reinstated within a couple of weeks.

Please view/download the announcement video which explains Jarrah's future plans.

A copy of the latest video that was DMCAed is here.  Youtube users are invited to mirror these videos.  (some text has been added to the start and end of the second video in order to avoid youtube "auto flagging" it as a mirror.)
Aug 25
It has been announced that Neil Armstrong has died at the age of 82. While Jarrah does not believe the Apollo Moon landings were real, he has always respected Armstrong for his role in the Gemini 8 mission and offers this video in honour of his achievement.